The platform “A jewel made in Greece” of which I am a member organized at the Nomismatic Museum of Athens the exhibition “Fruits and Symbols” as a visual conversation between prominent examples of ancient coinage and contemporary jewelry be by Greek and foreign artists. The exhibition was from 23/05/2019 till 31/10/2019.

The inspiration for me was the wheat and just because I am coming from a rural area , the Thessalian plain (central Greece) with all my childhood memories, at the beginning of each summer (every June) to be interwoven with the fruit of wheat. Wheat is inextricably linked to the rural economy of my country, linked to my country’s customs, traditions and memories.

I still recall my grandmother’s stories of the harvest season and of course my own memories of that season as well. I am impressed by the pictures of the cabbage as it grows, its ‘blooming’, the colors evolution to the threshing floor, as well as its taste and smell.

Ιn ancient Greek religion the precious wheat had its goddess Dimitra, who gave people the fruits of the earth. It represents to me an ancient fruit / symbol of the human survival.

I approached and designed the shape of the wheat and finally the whole composition, in abstract forms, to clearly refer to the fruit, but not to try to resemble it by a naturalistic way. This collection is made by sterling silver 925 in gold plated (22K gold).

I originally designed this collection on paper. I made the basic form in silver. Τhe basic motif was reproduced in a mold and then welded all the pieces of metal by hand.

Some of these jewelry was exhibited at the China International Import Expo 2019 in Shanghai, to accompany the Greek trade fair as representative sample of Greek culture. Also at the MAD Museum of Art and Design in New York City as part of the New York City Jewelry Week in November 2019 (20-23).

faith in a seed ring - lefflow jewelry