Crown of flower ring

An original and uniquely designed minimalist ring in geometric form. An entirely handmade piece, consisting of 925 sterling silver with a modern matte finish, featuring a beautiful goldplated design.

Approximate pendant size: height 4,00 cm X width 3,8 cm X wide 2,8 cm.

Color selection: Gold, Black

The “Crown of flowers ring” is a unique, three-dimensional piece , part of the “Antikythera Collection” A collection designed to appeal to women who are self-confident and radiate femininity.

Inspired by the extraordinary ancient Antikythera mechanism, jewelry designer Anastasia Koutsampela created the Antikythera Collection. She experiments with the universal idea of time, aiming to transform its rigid reference in to an object of art, full of flexibility and semantic interpretation.

The gears featured in this collection, symbolize the motion equating life to evolution and to creation. The gears also represent artistically, the continuous evolving flow of humanity.

Every gear tooth or cog is designed by hand, beginning with a sketch and then it’s shaped and modeled in wax. Afterwards, Anastasia starts to assemble the silver, cutting and bonding together the individual pieces.

Care: Gold-plate will inevitably fade and tarnish over time. To restore shine you can polish with a jewellery cloth, or with warm soapy water. To keep in good condition avoid spraying perfume or putting lotion on the skin near the jewellery and remove before swimming or bathing. Contact with the light will blacken the jewellery. Keep stored in a cool, dark and dry area.


Each piece is handmade, so please allow up to 20 days for delivery. If you would like to receive your order at an earlier date, please contact us to discuss possible options.

All orders are gift-wrapped by hand.

Design and copyright are reserved exclusively by Lefflow art studio

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