about the artist

The inspirer of LEFFLOW ART STUDIO, Anastasia Koutsampela, as the brand name connotes, is a left-handed  designer and creator who lives and works in Greece.

Having an innate gift in arts from a very early age, she was taught design techniques, explored color palettes and learned how to better utilize them in composition, by attending drawing workshops in Greece. The result is her own personal art.  She has also presented her work in several group art exhibitions in her country.

Rather an inquisitive nature, in 2011, she began looking for new forms and techniques of expression. She chose to experiment with metal in its various forms, such as alpaca silver, bronze, copper and gold.

Willing to master the new material, she attended workshops in gold and silversmiths,  where her look turned to transmuting the element of metal into sculptures of jewelry.

Today, any piece of jewelry designed and created conveys an idea, a symbolism, a message and is her own way of passing her personal sense of inspiration, her perceptions, her perspective and aesthetics into a number of small works of art.

Her vision is to communicate her craft to people all over the world, who share the same aesthetics.

lefflow artist