about the artist

Natasa Koutsampela is an eminent attorney at law as well as a passionate Greek artist, always ready to fall in love with a new design project.

In a digital world where everything is dominated by computers, Anastasia remains faithful to the traditional processes of design, creating jewelry made exclusively by hand.

Following the ancient art of Jewelry casting, she designs every single piece in her sketch book and afterwards she creates the wax molds where silver will be poured, in order to transform the abstract idea of a ring or a pendant into a masterpiece of jewelry.

For Anastasia, besides the quality of the craftsmanship worked to a flawless finish, jewelry is a representation of communication and therefore symbolisms have been an integral part of her designs. Her pieces speak about the human interaction and are disguised with secret meanings and myriads of interpretations.

Anastasia’s work has been featured in the Greek press and group art exhibitions and now is travelling across Europe in order to meet new fellow companions.

She is the founder of Lefflow Art Studio, her signature brand, inspired by the fact that she is a left handed designer.

lefflow artist