about the artist

Natasa Koutsampela is an eminent attorney at law as well as a passionate Greek artist, always ready to fall in love with a new design project. She attended several seminars and courses of painting, jewelry design, silver and goldsmithing. She is on of the founder of Lefflow Art Studio, her signature brand, inspired by the fact that she is a left handed designer.

Besides the quality of the craftsmanship worked to a flawless finish, her jewelry is a representation of communication and therefore symbolisms have been an integral part of her designs. Her work speaks about the precious fruits of Mother Nature, the achievements of human labor, the universal idea of time and its perpetual flow and also for the endless demand of human contact.

In order to transform the initial conception into a unique piece of art jewelry, following the ancient art of Jewelry casting, she designs her inspiration in her sketch book and afterwards she creates each piece by hand.

She is motivated by the idea of creating modern, three-dimensional forms by hand that will highlight feminine elegance and uniqueness with a more timeless element in time.

She works mainly with sterling silver 925 but she also likes to experiment with useless materials giving them a new value through creativity.

Natasa’s work has been featured in the Greek press and group art exhibitions and she has participated in several exhibitions all over the world. In 2019 she was awarded for the jewelry “ The mechanism journey” at the 6th annual Greek designers meeting with a platform “A Jewel Made in Greece” in Zappeion Megaro.

lefflow artist