Nature aims at the oppositions and from them, from dissimilar things, creates agreements. It combines the male with the female and creates the connection through the synthesis of contrasts



As an extension of the concept of the collection “infinity” and thinking that the symbol of infinity, in its romantic dimension, represents eternal love, the inspiration resulted in attributing two human figures to a harmonious embrace.

Simplicity, geometry, abstraction, modernism, as subconscious streams of inspiration, blended and attributed to shapes that represent the contact of human bodies.

This collection consists of human figures, which were sometimes rendered with gentle curves, like those of the human body and sometimes with geometric polygonal shapes. They aspire to transform the metal into emotion and small scale sculptures that represent, with simplicity and visual abstraction, the contact of human bodies.

The choice of two colors symbolizes the diversity, the coexistence of the different elements in nature, but also the attraction of the eteronymes…

Each of these forms tells the manifestations of human contact… the endless demand, the finding of which gives wings, its loss causing sinking in the dark, hypocrisy bringing denial, prudence keeps it, apathy kills it, betrayal nullifies it… as history follows its cyclical course in time with the constant intersection of people and cultures…

lefflow design